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          What are the types of anchor chains?

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          There are many kinds of anchors, which can be divided into bolt anchor, boltless anchor, large grab anchor and special anchor according to their structure and use. Bolt-free anchor is mainly used in the bow anchor of merchant ships, and bolted anchor and swallow-tail anchor are sometimes used in the tail anchor.

          1. Bolted anchor: also known as naval anchor, this kind of anchor is early anchor, also known as naval anchor. This kind of anchor has simple structure, large grab ratio and good stability of grasping bottom, but it is not convenient for anchoring operation and collection. Upwarping anchor is easy to wrap the anchor chain and scrape the bottom. This kind of anchor is not easy to be used as the first anchor of merchant ships, generally used for small boats or sailboats.

          2. Bolt-free anchor: also known as mountain-type anchor, Hall anchor and Spyker anchor are commonly used. They are boltless anchors with movable claws (about 45 degrees of rotation around the bolt stem). Bolt-free anchors and bolt arms are cast separately. Anchor claw, anchor crown and anchor arm are cast into one. The anchor trunk is inserted into the rectangular hole of the anchor crown, and pins and transverse pins are positioned in two semi-circular grooves at the lower part of the anchor crown to realize the purpose that the anchor trunk can be rotated.

          3. Big Grasping Anchor: Big Grasping Anchor combines the advantages of bolted anchor and boltless anchor. Generally, it is bolted rotary claw anchor. Mahalanobis anchor and Danfoss anchor (also known as swallowtail anchor) are commonly used, which are characterized by wide and long staggered claws, deep rodent and good stability, thus obtaining a larger grip, with a grip ratio of 11 to 17 times. But the strength of anchor claw is weak and easy to deform. Because of the large unearthed resistance, it is generally only applicable to engineering ships, and some are used as standby anchors or tail anchors. Jiangsu Aohai Anchor Chain specializes in 18 years of research and development and production of ship anchors, Hall anchors, Spyker anchors, naval anchors, large grab anchors.

          4. Special anchor has special purpose. It is often used for permanent mooring of buoys, buoys, light boats, floating docks and wharfs. There are single claw anchor, spiral anchor and fungus anchor.

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